Talpa de Allende

Talpa de Allende: Active Colonial Town and Religious Pilgrimages

Active Colonial Town and Religious Pilgrimages

Talpa de Allendecommonly called “Talpa,” has been designated as a Pueblo Magico or historic colonial town, founded in 1599. This very active agricultural and farming town with cobble stone streets is at an elevation of 4,084 feet or 1,239 meters. It’s located 81 miles or 131 kilometers, 3.5 hours by car and 4 hours by bus on a paved road from PV. The average temperature is 22C or 72F. It has approximately 13,612 inhabitants. The town is known for its taffy and sweets made from locally grown guayaba and other fruits. It’s famous for the religious pilgrimage called “La Ruta del Peregrino” usually during March and Easter Week. People young and old travel by foot over the mountains from Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara to reach the church in Talpa. They all receive a certificate for completing their journey and often hire a band to march to the church. Other attractions include Aranjuez Waterfalls plus unique decorative flower arrangements made from the sap of the chilte or “chewing gum” tree. The town is surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains, orchards, farmland and is located next to the Talpa River. Visit TalpadeAllende.gob.mx for more details on Talpa.

SPECIAL TIP . . . when traveling to Talpa. Before you cross the long Main Bridge, just before San Sebastian, stop at Panadoria Carmen’s BakeryThey are open 7 am-3 pm weekdays (closed on Tuesdays) On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 6 am-noon. They have great freshly made muffins of all flavors plus coffee or hot chocolate. Their relaxed garden atmosphere is just a few feet to the spectacular bridge. Try their unique Mexican Caviar. If you have a group, best to call ahead to order your muffins, since they often sell out. Ask for Carmen or Jesus. Call 322-132-0620

Getting There is easy by Public Transportation(See Bus Tips)

Just a quick stop at the church before the party!

Juan Jorge teaching his son a few leather secrets !

Juan Jorge teaching his son a few leather secrets!

Meet Javier Ruelas, the Saddle Maker !

Javier,the famous, but humble Saddle Maker!

Frania , the Tousim Director is very helpful!

Frania, the Tousim Director is ready to help you!

Backroads traffic near Talpa !

Backroads traffic near Talpa!

Music every weekend in the Plaza !

Music every weekend in the Plaza!

Doesn't matter how you get their !

Doesn’t matter how you get there!

Heavy weekend traffic downtown Talpa !

Heavy weekend traffic downtown Talpa!

Telling each other how it used to be !!

Talking about the Good Old Days! 

One of many Taffy Factories in Talpa !

One of many Taffy Factories in Talpa

Where to Stay

Dona Francisca Boutique Hotel, our favorite hotel, is located on Calle Independencia #9, just a half block from the Plaza and famous Cathedral de Guadalupe. We love hearing the church bells. It’s a first class hotel with all the amenities. Telephone 388-385-0549 Rooms range from $80-$120. with full breakfast included. For photos and information go to www.HotelDonaFrancisca.com

Hotel Real Posada is another of our places to stay. It’s located just 3 blocks north of the Main Plaza on Independencia 53. It has 21 rooms all overlooking a large patio that has a mango, avocado, and lime trees. Our favorite room is 18. The managers Irma and Jessie both speak English. $20-30 US per night. Call 388-385-0616

Hotel Los Arcos, located just 4 cobble stone blocks from the Plaza, is another one of favorite place to stay in Talpa. It has a great family style restaurant plus a large inter courtyard, where you can mingle with other guests or have a quiet meal or beverage. The owner, Alfredo Garcia, has proudly decorated the restaurant and 30 rooms with his original paintings. The double rooms cost between $20 to $30 US. Call 388-688-0187

Their inter courtyard is a great place to relax !

Their inter courtyard is a great place to relax!

Comfortable accommodations at a low price.

Spacious and Comfortable accommodations.

Juses greets you with a big smile at the reception !

Jesus greets you with a smile at the reception!

Where to Eat

El Patio Restaurant is located in Hotel Los Arcos on Independencia 82 is just 4 blocks from the Main Plaza and famous Church. They specialize in steaks, seafood, and Mexican appetizers. They’re open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also have your meal served in their open air inter courtyard. Efren, the very friendly and helpful waiter, speaks English. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with the original art of the owner Alfredo Garcia. They accept Pesos, $US and credit cards. Phone # 388-688-0187.

Great place to meet friends !

Great place to meet friends!

Can we start eating now ?

After the back roads,we’re ready to eat!

Efran, the waiter, giving your order to Maria. the chef !

Efren, our waiter, giving our order to the chef!

El Molino Rojo Restaurant, is located on Independencia 18, just a half block from the Main Plaza. They serve typical Mexican food at tables with or without views of the cobble stone street. The busy kitchen with 3 to 4 cooks preparing your meal, is a show. my favorite dish is media Cocktail de camarones. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 8 am-6 pm and on Saturday till 9 pm. They only take Pesos. A full meal for 2 persons costs about 150 pesos. The owner, Lupita Castello Ramirez, speaks English. You’ve got to meet her! Our favorite waitress is Blanca, she only speaks Spanish. Phone # 388-385-0262.

the owner for 30 years

Guadalupe, the owner for 35 years

Molino Rojo staff are waiting for you !!

The Molino Rojo staff is waiting for you!

La Burrita Bar and Restaurant is located on the 2nd floor at Independencia14. It’s got tables overlooking all the action in the Main Square and the Church. The modern Mexico atmosphere appeals to the more upbeat generation. The main dishes are about $80-$200 pesos. Drinks $20-$35 pesos. We recommend trying their tapas style appetizers and a Margarita at sunset. Open from 1 pm – 10 pm and only take Pesos. Ask for Ivan Becerra or David Sanchez, the managers, who speak some English. Nowe didn’t misspell the nameLa Burrita in Spanish means walking stick that is used by those who walk to Talpa for the religious pilgrimages. Call 388-385-1126

Great spot overlooking the Plaza to people watch!

Gaeta Pizzas has the best pizzas in Talpa. They’re located on Calle Hidalgo across from the Cathedral. Open daily from 11 am – 10 pm. They have indoor dining overlooking the Cathedral plus take out delivery to your home or hotel. Ask for Eloy Mesa the owner, who speaks English. Call 388-385-1306. Pay in cash or credit card.

Things to Experience

Mercado Municipal is located on the main plaza next to the Cathedral. It’s a must to visit and the best place to buy your souvenirs, religious artifacts, leather goods, and etc. Open daily 8 am – 7 pm. Ask for Pancho in stall # 51. He speaks English and has some great leather holders for your smart phone. Call 388-105-1695

Fabrica de Rollo El Milagro is located on 23 de Junio and Juarez, just 2 blocks from the Main Plaza. Open Monday – Saturday from 8 am-7 pm. See the entire taffy making process from the guayaba fruit to final taffy. Ask for Flavio Guzman or Ivan Garcia. Phone # 388-385-0614

Ocampo Sandal Factory is located on Calle Juarez near the Fabrica El Milagro, just one block from the San Jose Church. Arturo Ocampo is the master sandal maker.See how they make them from beginning to end. Open daily 9 am – 7 pm. Cash payments only. Call 388-102-0733.

Herreria Gallegos is a family run iron shop that makes the horse shoes for the surrounding towns. Stop buy to see the entire 7 step process to produce the horse shoes. The one machine that forms the different size shoes has a pressure of 8 tons. It’s located just across from the gas station as you enter town. Ask for Juan Antonio, Jose Antonio, Victor Pena or Gustavo. They produce the horse shoes from 9 pm to 2 am and best to call ahead to make sure their working. From 9 am to 7 pm they sell the shoes. For some Good Luck, buy a set of 4 shoes for 70 pesos. Phone # 388-385-0654.

Visencio Clay Brick Factory is located about 15 minutes from downtown Talpa on the road to Ocotes. Look for the piles of bricks and wood for their ovens on your right. Best to arrive between 9 am – 10 am when the horses are stomping the secret combination of clay, dried horse dung and shredded cane stalks. They can only make the bricks during the dry season, usually November to May. The rest of the year they plant and harvest corn. Use the second entrance and ask for Luis or Juan Visencio to show you where to park. Remember, this is a very labor intensive factory, so just observe the process. Call 388-113-3847

Shirts and Clothing Souvenirs is located on Calle Anahuaca and Cinco de Mayo, just one block from the Cathedral. They have 100 % cotton T-Shirts for 25 pesos. Open daily 10 am-3 pm and 5 pm-8 pm. Ask for Bertha or Pablo. Call 388-102-8746

Laundry Service Burbujitos is located on Calle Panteon and Independencia across from the San Rafael Church. Victoria, the owner, charges per item. Open Monday – Saturday 9 am-4 pm and 5 pm-8 pm. Closed on Sundays Call 388-105-0564