Our  mission is to share the people & places we’ve discovered  in colonial Puerto Vallarta  and nearby 300-400 year old historic towns, so you can experience the real culture & flavors of Mexico. So pack your bags, put on your sunscreen & go to PV! We don’t make any arrangements. These are only suggestions.   … Read More

Puerto Vallarta, commonly called “Vallarta“ or “PV” if talking with a Ex-Pat, was founded in 1851. It’s  located on Banderas Bay, Mexico’s largest Pacific Coast bay. It has a growing population of 355,725 and has become the most popular Mexican get away for American & Canadian travelers .The average temperature is 81 F or 27… Read More

 NAVIDAD is a typical “off the beaten track” farming town that was built as a base for the nearby, now abandoned silver mine. Navidad is located about one hour drive from Mascota. To see the old mining equipment located about 45 minutes from Navidad, you’ll need a 4 wheel drive vehicle, if you don’t want to spend the night or walk uphill for… Read More

San Pancho/San Francisco….Art & Music Capital of Nayarit is a small beach town located just north of Sayulita. The  nick name for Francisco is Pancho and has become the  more common name for the town. A very relaxed atmosphere with many seaside restaurants where you can watch the surfers. A Lagoon at the south end … Read More

Our blogs are dedicated to the people living “off the beaten track” from Puerto Vallarta.   Many people in the back road towns have never encountered two gringos . You don’t have to go far from Puerto Vallarta to experience the real Mexico. We often hitch a ride, not to save money, but to get in touch with the locals, who are… Read More

Mayto is a small coastal village, about 150 years old, famous for it’s 8 kl or 5 mi of virgin beach & Turtle Refuge. It’s about 2 hours southwest by car from Puerto Vallarta. First go to Tuito, then continue 1 hour more for about 23 mi or 37 kl to reach Mayto. The road is being paved as we speak. It’s worth the drive… Read More

El Tuito, founded in 1844, commonly called “Tuito”, is a small colonial farming town. It has a population of about 3,500. It’s  at 2,624 ft or 800 mts above sea level with cobble stone streets, It’s located 34 mi or 55 klm south of PV, just 1 hour by car or 1.5 hrs. by bus from… Read More

TEHUAMIXTLE,locally known as Tehua,  is pronounced like “Tey wa“. It’s located about 2 hours southwest by car from PV & about 8 minutes by car or 30 minute walk on a dirt road  south of Mayto. This sleepy fishing village is famous for its oysters ,lobster & calm harbor. If you have your own snorkeling equipment, just go off the small beach… Read More

Yelapa is an unique coastal village surrounded by tropical mountains with a  population of about 450. It’s easy to get there by Taxi Boat from the Main Pier in Old PV for $380 pesos round trip. The first Taxi Boat leaves  from Vallarta  at 11 am. From Boca de Tomatlan,(only a 40 minute ride  by public bus,along the… Read More

Chacala, discovered in 1524 ,is one of our favorite “off the beaten track” beach towns. It’s located about 65 mi or 104 klm north of PV, just before San Blas, about 2 hours by car & 3 hours by bus. You have to turn left from the main road ,it’s then a 6 mi or 9 klm,… Read More

Talpa de Allende,  commonly called “Talpa” ,has been designated as a Pueblo Magico  or historic colonial town, founded in 1599. This very active agricultural & farming town with cobble stone streets is at  4,084 ft. or 1,239 mts. It’s located 81 mi or 131 kls or 3.5 hours by car & 4 hours by bus on a paved road from… Read More

Mascota was founded in 1875.  This colonial town with cobble stone streets is located at  just 61 mi or 98 kl  from Vallarta. The population is about 8,101 & about 9,000 sparrows The  elevation is 4,428 ft or 1,350 mts. It’s been designated by the government as a Pueblo Magico  or  historic colonial town. Getting there… Read More