San Sebastian del Oeste, commonly called  San Sebastian, was founded in 1605 & has been designated by the government as a Pueblo Magico or historic colonial town. It’s located 2,300 mts or 4,856 ft. above sea level just 33 mi or 53 kl from PV or 1.5 hrs. by car or 2 by bus. The average temperature is… Read More

Our  mission is to share the people & places we’ve discovered  in colonial Puerto Vallarta  and nearby 300-400 year old historic towns, so you can experience the real culture & flavors of Mexico. So pack your bags, put on your sunscreen & go to PV! We don’t make any arrangements. These are only suggestions.   … Read More

Boca de Tomatlan, commonly called “Boca“, was founded in 1847. This  small fishing town, surrounded by lush tropical mountains, is located 14 mi or 22 klm south of PV. It’s the perfect get away, day trip, by car or bus. Take a towel, sunscreen & camera. The very calm beach is about 100 yards or 90… Read More

Puerto Vallarta, commonly called “Vallarta“ or “PV” if talking with a Ex-Pat, was founded in 1851. It’s  located on Banderas Bay, Mexico’s largest Pacific Coast bay. It has a growing population of 355,725 and has become the most popular Mexican get away for American & Canadian travelers .The average temperature is 81 F or 27… Read More

Las Palmas , is a small colonial farming town, located just 16 mi or 25 klm from PV. It’s only a 45 minute drive by car or 1 hour by bus. You’ll experience the real Mexico when you visit Las Palmas.  It’s a great stop when driving to San Sebastian, Mascota or Talpa. The Las Palmas information is dedicated… Read More