Mascota was founded in 1875.  This colonial town with cobble stone streets is located at  just 61 mi or 98 kl  from PV. The population is about 7,908.The  elevation is 4,428 ft or 1,350 mts. It’s been designated by the government as a Pueblo Magico  or  historic colonial town. Getting there is easy via paved road, just 2.5 hours by car or 3 hours by bus from PV. This active farming & agricultural town has an average temperature of 73 F or 23 C. It’s famous the for Corrinchis Lake, Molcajete extinct volcano, petroglyphs , Arcological Museum & Francisco Pena’s House of Stones  plus the oldest man in town 100 Years young, Don Pablo Guerra,  hammock & fish net maker. We highly recommend visiting the smaller really off the Beaten Track nearby towns of Yerba Buena, Santa Rosa, Navidad & one of Cimarron Chico’sRaicilla” Mexican moonshine stills .For Tourism Information in Mascota, contact Elvia Margarita, phone  388-386-1679 or 

SPECIAL TIP… if traveling to Mascota . Before you cross the long Main Bridge, just before San Sebastian ,stop at Panadoria Carmen’s Bakery  Their open 7 am- 3 pm weekdays( closed on Tuesdays ) On Fri, Sat. & Sun. 6 am- noon. They have great  freshly made muffins of all flavors plus coffee or hot chocolate. They’re  relaxed garden atmosphere is just a few feet to the spectacular bridge. Try their unique Mexican Caviar. If you have a group, best to call ahead to order your muffins ,since they often sell out. Ask for Carmen or Jesus Tel.322-132-0620

Getting There is easy by Public Transportation (See Bus Tips)



Don Pablo still working at 100 years young !

The Master "Raicilla{ Maker taking a break !

The master raicilla maker taking a break !

But don't try to much at one time, just relax !

Don’t drink to much at one time, just relax !

The local blacksmith at work !

Victor,the local blacksmith at work !


Francisco Pena's Stone Museum will blow you away !

The  “Stone Museum” is amazing  !


Meet the President of the County !

Meet “Nick” Ex President of the County !











"{Ricilla" Mexican Moonshine made the old fashion way !

“Raicilla” Mexican Moonshine  home made still!



Stone Man

Francisco Pena the Stone House Maker. Speaks English!

Come ring the church bell in Mascota !

Come climb the church tower & ring the big bell  heard 8 miles away. Earplugs are mandatory!

John rings the “call to action” bell for church goers as Margaret stands in amazement.

Luis Fabian Ramos Hernandez is a quick stop horseshoe repair shop !


Meson de San Jose is located on Hidalgo # 135 just one cobble stone street from the Plaza, bus stop & several restaurants. It’s our home in Mascota. The open air inter courtyard is surrounded by 7 rooms, plus another 7 rooms on the second floor balcony with views of the church tower. We enjoy listening to the tolling bells that tell you the time. The colonial furniture, friendly staff & 18th century key to the rooms, makes it a special & relaxing place to stay. The owner is Lorena Perez Chavez .The manager is  Blanca Osoria Garcia. Double rooms are $39-40 US . Their phone # from the USA is 01152-388-386-1501.

Room # 14 our favorite !

Room # 14 our favorite !

All rooms face the Inner Courtyard

All rooms face the Inner Courtyard

Blanca & Julia are waiting for you !

Blanca & Fernanda are waiting for you !

One of their largest rooms with private terrace !



Casa de Mi Abolita is located on the square at Ramon Corona & Zaragozs Aves., close to the main Bus Stop & just one block from the Main Plaza & Meson San Jose. They serve a great Mexican buffet style breakfast for $110 pesos & buffet lunch or dinner for $120 pesos. They have a full bar and can accommodate private groups. Breakfast is from 8 am- 1 pm. lunch & dinner from 1:30 pm to 7 pm. After 7 pm they offer an  a la  cart menu & accept pesos, $US & credit cards. You won’t believe all the selections on their buffet, plus they always have a daily featured special.  “Tuchy” the manager/owner, speaks English & personally attends to you. She also prepares some of her grandmother’s secret recipes. Phone # 388-386-1975.

Over 15 main entrées daily. Can't wait to go back !

Over 15 main entrees daily. Can’t wait to go back !


"Tuchy" has a great buffet waiting for you !

“Tuchy” has a great buffet waiting for you !


Café Napoles is located at Calle Zaragoza # 78 & Calle Hidalgo close to Meson San Jose & 2 blocks from the Main Plaza & church . They serve Mexican, Italian food. pizza & home made pastries plus any style of coffee . Breakfast is 8 am-1 pm, Lunch 1 pm-6 pm & dinner 6-10 pm. Luz Maria,the owner & her daughter Luz Guadalupe, speak English, and are always there to welcome you. They accept Pesos, $US, no credit cards. Phone # 388-386-0051.

Café Napoles, just 2 blocks from the Plaza & Church !

Just 2 blocks from the Plaza & Church !

Luz & daughter make some tasty pizza !

Luz & daughter make some tasty pizza!


Restaurant Navidad is a great place to mix with the locals. It’s located just 1/2 block from the Plaza on Juan Diaz de Sandi St. Their spacious dining room is open 8 am – 11 pm for breakfast,lunch & dinner. Ask for Rafael,the manager or Maria Irma Pacheco Briseno, the owner. They accept Visa & MasterCard. Phone # 388-386-0469.


Taqueria  La Plazazuelita  A typical quick food stand located across from the bus terminal, offers some great made- to- order food like tacos, tortas, quesadillas & burritos plus all the fixings. It’s open from 6:30 am to 2 pm & only take pesos. Norma, Celia & Maria run the show & are always having fun. Phone #388- 386-0122 or 386-1634.

These 3 are always smiling


Pan Navidad Bakery is located on Zaragoza # 9 just a half block from the Bus Terminal. It’s  open from  6 am- 10 pm Monday to Saturday, closed  Sundays. Pay in pesos only.Just follow your nose & you’ll find Guadalupe, Elisa & Carmen baking up your favorite pasties, cakes & breads. Phone # 388-103-3360.


They use all natural ingredients!


The aroma will draw you in !









Magictours Mascota,located on Lopez Cotilla # 89 ,is owned & managed by Jose  Duenas Meda or “Chepe“.  He offers tours of Mascota & nearby “off the beaten track towns” of Yerba Buena, Santa Rosa, Cimarron Chico & Navidad. He has friends & relatives in almost every town which adds a special touch to your adventure. From 2010 -2013, he was Mayor of Mascota, so he’s well known & very knowledgeable on history of all these towns. Riding in his safari style vehicle with him as your guide. will be a special experience. Phone # 388-386-0303 or 388-101-7664. For more details visit  Facebook Magitours Mascota.

"Chepe" can show you the Backsoads.

“Chepe” Knows everyone & the  history of every town!

 "Chepe" will take you to other Backrosds

Chepe’s safari van is ready to take you to the Backroads!!


The House of Stones Museum is located on Morales #64 just 2 blocks south of the Church & Main Plaza. Its open daily about 10 am – 7 pm .Francisco Pena, the 94 years young creator, has been collecting stones from the river for the last 10 years to decorate everything from tables & chairs to instruments & utensils. Francisco doesn’t sell his work & only charges 10 pesos per person to visit the museum. Phone # 388-386-0945.  A must see. It’s awesome ! 

El Cierrolito La Cruz has the best views of the town & surrounding farmland .It’s located on the south end of Mascota. There’s about 400 steps to reach the top .

The Blacksmith, Victor Manual Pena, located on Tadeo Ortiz # 29 ,is the person who restores & repairs the historic locks & keys  or anything  that’s of historical value.

Tortilleria El Parqacito  is located on Calle Carranza between 5 de Febrero & Tadeo Ortiz. Open daily 6 am – 4 pm. They make about 450 kilos of tortillas per day. Ask for Angelica or Carlos . Phone # 388-386-1639.

Dona Chuy’s Taffy & Preserves Factory is located in Constitucion # 21 between Lopez Cotilla & Francisco Madera. They combine all natural ingredients with mango, guayaba, peaches & figs to make everything for those with a sweet tooth. You can smell the aromas 2 blocks away. The Chuy family has had this factory for 4 generations. Open Mon.- Sat. 10 am – 6 pm & Sundays 10 am-2 pm. Pay in pesos only. Phone # 388-386-0377. Ask for Olivia & Eve Ochoa ,who speak English  or Suzi Garcia .

Pick your favorite tropical fruit sweet !

Pick your favorite tropical fruit sweet !

Zusie will sweeten you up & explain the secret process!

Suzi will sweeten you up & explain the secrets !

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